Datos de la expedición de Lifetrek 2007

Nombre Completo: Lifetrek 2007
Fecha de Inicio: 1/28/2006
Tipo Expedición: Expedicion a la Cumbre
Cantidad de días: 25

Día 1 (1/28/2006)

28. jan 2007 - Flight from airport Brnik (Ljubljana, Slovenija) to Zurich (Swiss) and continue to Sao Paolo (Brasil) and Santiago (Chile). Team members of Lifetrek Aconcagua 2007 expeditions (www.life-trek.com): Aljosa Hribar, Viktor Kosir, Jernej Kukovic, Vlado Kukovic and me - Boris Strmsek, all from Slovenija.

Día 2 (1/29/2006)

29. jan 2007 - Arrival in Santiago, we stay in Hostal Plaza de Armas (www.plazadearmashostel.com) - nice, cheap and in center of downtown. We meet another slovenian group - Miro Rakusa, Leon Luzar and Franc Acko, they have some way and we continue this way together.

Día 3 (1/30/2006)

30. jan 2007 - Santiago, shopping, test chilean beer and food, walk around the big and nice town...

Día 4 (1/31/2006)

31. jan 2007 - Aclimatisation tour to Cerro La Parva (4047 m) and Cerro Pintor (4180 m) from La Parva (aprox. 2800 m). We start from Santiago at 9 o'clock and arrived back at 18 o'clock. Snowing on the mountains, thunderstorm...

Día 5 (2/1/2006)

1. feb 2007 - Transport from Santiago to Mendoza with stop in Puente del Inca (Los Puquios, Rudy Parra), leave there all equipment and continue to Mendoza (Hostal Itaka). Afternoon we buy permits for Aconcagua and try famous argentinian steaks.

Día 6 (2/2/2006)

2. feb 2007 - Mendoza to Puente del Inca (Hostal-refugio El Nico), all group prepare equipment for transportations with mules.

Día 7 (2/3/2006)

3. feb 2007 - Puente del Inca (2700 m) - enter in Acocagua park in Horcones (2900 m), approach in Horcones valley to camp Confluencia (3400 m), 2 hours. In afternoon aclimatisation walk in way to Plaza Francia to aprox. 4100 m altitude.

Día 8 (2/4/2006)

4. feb 2007 - Approach from Confluencia to base camp Plaza de Mulas (4300 m), 7 hours. Long walk in flat desert valley. After arrival in base camp and check in at ranger station, we meet with Adriana nad Chapoulin from Aconcagua Trek and placed our tents.

Día 9 (2/5/2006)

5. feb 2007 - Aclimatisation walk to Nido de Condores (5560 m), we leave there some equipment, 4,5 hours. On Nido was little bit cold and windy. Back to base camp. Two days ago die on Aconcagua one mountaineerer from Poland because of bad weather.

Día 10 (2/6/2006)

6. feb 2007 - Rest in base camp, afternoon walk to Refugio Plaza de Mulas.

Día 11 (2/7/2006)

7. feb 2007 - Tour to Cerro Bonete (5010 m) and neighbour peak aprox. 4900 m, 3 hours. Nice view to Aconcagua and very "easy" day.

Día 12 (2/8/2006)

8. feb 2007 - To Nido de Condores with all equipment, 4,5 hours. Vlado stay down in base camp because of bronhitis. We placed tents on Nido, fastened them to stones for securiti because of strong wind, afternoon cooking. Windy and cold.

Día 13 (2/9/2006)

9. feb 2007 - After long night (who can sleep from 8 PM to 9 AM???) coming cold morning, but after air worming up and it was nice enough to sit outside of the tents. At afternoon we approach to camp Berlin (5930 m), 1,5 hour, and continue to aprox. 6000 m where we lay down on the sun and enjoy good view on aclimatisation tour. One more long night on Nido.

Día 14 (2/10/2006)

10. feb 2007 - After morning wake up, we pack our things, closed and tightened tents and run down to Adriana's kitchen. Cerveza, vino...

Día 15 (2/11/2006)

11. feb 2007 - Rest in base camp, visit refugio, write some postcards, send e-mails, visit Art Gallery of Miguel Doura (there he have also phone, internet...), enjoy in "doing nothing".

Día 16 (2/12/2006)

12. feb 2007 - Approach to Nido de Condores, 4 hours. Nice and warm day, at afternoon we prepare a lot of tea and hot water for next day. At 8 o'clock in the evening we was in sleeping bags and try to rest a lot for next long day.

Día 17 (2/13/2006)

13. feb 2007 - Wake up at 6:30, at 7 o'clock we start with ascent to summit of Aconcagua. 1,5 hour to Berlin, in 3 hours we was on Independencia (6350 m, ex bivac), where we take 1 hour rest, cold and windy. 1,5 hour we need for very windy Traverse and at 13:30 we was on beginning of Canaleta 6650 m high. After rest we continue and at 15:40 we reached the summit of Aconcagua, aprox. 8,5 hours from Nido. Blue sky, not so cold (around 20 deegrees bellow zero), good view. Photos, shaking hands, rest, photos, photos... Yes!!! On the summit was with me Aljosa, Viktor, Jernej and Miro. For me this is was 4th summit of Aconcagua (after 2002, 2005 and 2006). At 16:15 we leave summit and at 18:30 we was on Nido, at 20:30 at base camp with all equipment. Celebration!!!

Día 18 (2/14/2006)

14. feb 2007 - Rest day before walk to valley. Visit refugio, take shower, talk with people in base, relax... Coming bad weather, we have luck and I think that we make the most what we can from this nonstabil weather this summer in Andes.

Día 19 (2/15/2006)

15. feb 2007 - After breakfast we say HELLO to everybody in the base camp and run down to Pente del Inca. After 5 hours hard walk (and cerveza on Confluencia) we finnaly reach road and soon Mario's bar in Puente del Inca. Hamburgesa Aconcagua, cerveza Andes... We stay in Hosteria P. del Inca.

Día 20 (2/16/2006)

16. feb 2007 - Very cold and windy morning at Puente del Inca. Long driving to Santiago, we waiting on Arg-Chi border 3 hours. In the evening we reach warm Santiago.

Día 21 (2/17/2006)

17. feb 2007 - Rest day and walk around Santiago.

Día 22 (2/18/2006)

18. feb 2007 - Visit Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, ice cream, faight with pacific waves, laying on the beach, hard life...

Día 23 (2/19/2006)

19. feb 2007 - Santiago, Santiago, Santiago...

Día 24 (2/20/2006)

20. feb 2007 - Rafting on Maipo river close to Santiago. One and half hour driving from center of Santiago to Cajon del Maipo, San Jose del Maipo, with Aventuras (www.aventurascajondelmaipo.cl). Save and enough wild, nice adventure for end of our trip.

Día 25 (2/21/2006)

21. feb 2007 - My group leave Santiago and fly back to Europe. I stay in South America for one more month. Some nice places and adventures waiting for me (Puerto Montt and Los Lagos, Torres del Paine, Los Glaciares and Cerro Torre-Fitz Roy, Buenos Aires...). Thanks to Rudy Parra, Adriana, Miguel, Ana and others, special thanks to my Paulina from Santiago. See you next year!

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